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  • Serving as the Secretary to the State Executive Council
  • Coordinating the activities of Ministries and Government agencies, especially on the implementation of Government Policies and Decisions.
  • Liaison with Secretary to the Government of Federation and the Secretaries to State Governments.
  • Supervision of Cabinet Office.
  • National Honours and Awards.
  • Servicing State Councils Meetings.
  • Dealing with matters relating to condition of service of Political Officer holders in the Executive, the Legislative and the Judiciary.
  • Petitions and Appeals to the Governor from non Public Officers.
  • Advising the Executive Governor on Political Matters
  • Lagos State Security Committee.
  • Lagos State Security Intelligence.
  • Cabinet Matters
  • Policy Analysis and Implementation
  • Monitoring of Council Decisions
  • Official Gazette and Telephone Directory
  • Allocation of Official Identification Vehicle Numbers
  • Declaration of Assets and Oath of Public Office
  • Liaison on Recruitment Exercises to the Armed Forces and the Police

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